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ELBH Mission Statement

Every Little Bit Helps L.L.C. is proud to announce the launch of its new national company & Website in south Florida.

Every Little Bit Helps L.L.C. was created to provide two major components to help both Businesses and Consumers Nationwide. First, Every Little Bit Helps L.L.C. provides a stream of new customers to the companies they represent. Secondly, Every Little Bit Helps L.L.C. creates job opportunities for average people.

“Our goal is to give a boost to companies looking for new business, as well as creating job opportunities for people in search of extra income” states Ed Garber, Vice President of Marketing. In the current economic downturn, Every Little Bit Helps, LLC will be advantageous to businesses, customers and sales representatives by offering a very unique platform, which can be seen at their new Website, http://www.everylittlebithelps.com.

The business concept is based on “word of mouth referrals” which are proven to be the most effective means to grow a business.

For Sale Representatives
* No Sales experience necessary
* No job applications
* Represent Quality Companies
* Word of Mouth referrals for cash commissions

For Businesses
*No monthly fees
*No fees paid for leads
*Exposing your business to thousands of sales associates
*You only pay upon completion of jobs

For Customers
*Providing a Complaint Resolution Team-insuring quality work
*Quality Control of the Companies we represent
*Fair & Competitive pricing

This win-win-win concept for Businesses, Consumers & Sales Reps. “Our marketing division estimates that our company will produce over
$418 million dollars into the business economy in the first year”, she adds.

Every Little Bit Helps L.L.C. is projected to open in 34 states within the next year.

For further information visit us at www.everylittlebithelps.com
For any questions at info@everylittlebithelps.com

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