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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I do this myself? Why do I need ELBH?

Absolutely you can do this yourself. Go ahead and do it if you like. We want you to succeed. But here are the benefits of joining ELBH .We have done all the work of getting businesses on our team. We have spent hundreds of man hours and thousands of dollars in developmental costs to create this concept. We are a big company. We are all on the same team …We are in no competition with you. WE WANT YOU TO BE SUCESSFUL. Our success depends on your success. Now you can join our team of professionals to help you convert a simple lead into potential $$$ to you. This is a win-win-win opportunity. You benefit, ELBH benefits and the companies benefit by getting new unexpected work.

I am not a salesperson. How can I convert a lead into a commission?

Easy. When you sign up as a member of ELBH you will be assigned a membership number and password. That gives you access to a members only page. On that page you will have an area where you put down a lead in any of the categories of our businesses. ELBH gets that lead from you and sends you an e-mail to provide more specifics of that job possibility. Is the job an emergency? Is it a priority to be considered in the next few days? ETC. ELBH then sends those leads to our companies and you sit back. If those jobs are accepted by your lead, You get the commission. Easy! You don’t have to sell a thing to make money.

Can I make a commission if I need a job?

Yes, absolutely. Make your best deal with the company and still get a check . During a five year period, how many times do you think you might need help yourself.?

Will their be any discounts for ELBH members with the companies on your vendor list?

ELBH will always try to obtain the best deals for our members. The power of many members can be a great tool in convincing businesses to give added help to our membership.

Who can join ELBH?

You must be at least 18 years old to join ELBH.

Do I have to have fill out a job application to join?

NO ---- How nice is that……YOUR HIRED ……CONGRATULATIONS…….

I’m Unemployed. How can I make money with ELBH?

Get back in the game. Join ELBH and let’s make money together. We will show you great ideas to start back on the road to recovery.

I’m 73 years old. How can I make money?

Could your son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter know a builder that might need a new roof? Can you talk to people at a social gathering? “How is everything”? Sit back and listen. They may give you a great lead right there. Why not convert a conversation into making some extra income. Could you use it?

I’m a College student How can I make extra money?

What about putting door flyer’s in your neighborhood? If you see a “blue tarp”, drop a card that say’s you represent a great roofing company as an example. Do you know any body that needs their car repaired ? Any friends that might have a dad as a contractor? Maybe we could provide a company to help them. Advertise your services on face book. THE POSSIBILITES ARE ENDLESS

I’m a single mom and I need extra income. How can I make money?

Simple. Do you belong to a social, religious or school group? Do you talk to friends and relatives?
Don’t you think they might need a car repair, air conditioner ,hurricane shutters ,roof repair ,etc. eventually if not now? Turn a simple conversation into cash…… The key is to listen to people’s needs. Turn those needs into cash .

I have no Sales experience. How can I make money?

Easy.. All you have to do is talk to your friends, neighbors at religious or social groups or even people you might meet on a grocery line. If you make a goal of talking to a few new people each week ,leads will be obtained . ELBH will teach you what to say to stimulate the right conversations that can become profitable leads.

How do I know that these companies are good?

ELBH wants to work with ONLY reputable companies. We recognize that if poor work is performed, it effects everyone. We have an application policy that we can determine if a company fits our requirements. If a company breeches any trust issues, they are immediately suspended as a vendor for ELBH. WE ASK QUESTIONS REGARDING LICENSING, INSURANCE, BONDING IS REQUIRED,ANY CRIMINAL BACKGROUND, COMPLAINTS FILED WITH ANY AGENCIES, ETC.

What is in it for ELBH?

There are no secrets with our company. Money talks and we have partnered up with great companies to arrange for a percentage commission, which shall be determined at a later date.. We recognize that if people are motivated by earning extra income, business will be achieved. We split this commission to give more to our sales reps than we get.

Why would businesses join ELBH?

Businesses are screened for reliability and if they are worthy enough for our company they are listed to be represented. They do NOT pay any charges to join and be advertised by us. They only pay when they get a completed job. They pay nothing for leads.

What kind of companies will I represent?

We have made arrangements with companies that we all use. Even in a recession we all need these kind of companies for repairs and maintenance. there are many BIG TICKET companies onboard that can make you BIG MONEY. More companies will be added to our list as we expand.

How will I know what these companies offer? I don’t know. I’m not a real sales person

ELBH will send e-mails to you highlighting each of our businesses to teach you their products. Remember ,we are all here to help you. The business, ELBH and you are on the same team. WE want to close the deal. REMEMBER - ELBH does not benefit if you don’t …….We will help you in closing the deal

Can ELBH guarantee that a lead will turn into a paid job for a company on our list?

No, but with help from us, you will stand a much better chance. We will try to ask our companies that we represent to be the most competitive that they can possibly be. By the fact that their could be many potential jobs coming from ELBH sales reps, the more competitive pricing the greater possibility by our companies so they will not lose business.

If a friend gives me a lead, I don’t want him to know that I made a commission. How does that work?

Simple-When you get a lead you will send it on a ‘members only lead page' to ELBH. We will distribute the lead to our companies and track that lead for you. Your membership number identifies your potential commission and when the lead turns into a paid job, ELBH issues your commission check. It’s that easy. No one knows that you made any commission from their lead.



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